Flora Cash – For Someone

Das Indie Folk Duo Flora Cash aus Stockholm präsentiert uns mit ihrer neuen Single For Someone nun den ersten Vorgeschmack auf das bereits angekündigte Mini Debütalbum! Can Summer Love Last Forever ? wird am 18. März beim schwedischen Label ICEA erscheinen, das übrigens auch das Zuhause von Emmecosta und Novah ist.

“Any song that we write, we write firstly because it’s a way for us to express and process our own feelings and experiences and secondly because we want to share a piece of ourselves and make something that others can connect with and enjoy. And although that’s true in the case of ‘For Someone’ – this is a song that speaks particularly strongly to each of us individually and as a couple. It explores our own deepest joys and our own deepest fears in the context of our relationship.”

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